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Winter is in full swings and dark nights are upon us, which can only mean one thing. Christmas diaries are open and orders are stacking up! We really hope that December will start to feel more Christmassy with the lockdown being lifted in the UK but if not, we know January may be a very busy time for lots of you including us! Christmas is always a busy time for us so please plan ahead with your orders.

We will be working until December 23 however the last day for orders to be dispatched will be Friday 18 December – this includes plain and printed orders.

As 2020 draws to a close, let’s take a moment to reflect. Some people may be relieved to see the back of this year and who can blame you? But maybe there are some silver linings. We’ve tried to pull out the best positives that the pandemic has brought us.

Building genuine relationships – as life slowed down and the daily commutes and school runs came to a shocking halt, many families invested in spending more time with each other whether that be a cosy movies on the sofa or a simple jigsaw puzzle. Either way, families were brought together. Extended families maybe made even more effort to contact each other through the wonderful video technology we hold so dear these days. In Italy, many have found a musical connection and have joined their instruments and voices from their balconies to create music! People have flocked to the streets to have socially distanced street parties. How beautiful!

Practising better hygiene standards – Can you remember the last time you didn’t have a mask or sanitiser in every single pocket and every handbag compartment? There has been a general increase in awareness of how viruses and germs travel and people are remembering to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.

Enjoying our environment – one of the first recognised advantages of more people staying at home was that carbon emissions reduced as did manufacturing and air travel! The planet had a little breather and as a consequence, the polluted canals of Venice became so much more clearer that fish and other wildlife began to return.

Waving a white flag – the United Nations called to an end all wars in the face of Covid-19 as together we all faced one common enemy.

Team Hoesh also have had the chance to improve their lifestyle habits. A number of us having become avid walkers and aim to hit at least 10,000 steps daily – something which helps us physically and mentally. As Covid disrupted the market and our customers so significantly, we began to venture into the unknown and turned to the sourcing and sale of PPE. In fact, we sold so much PPE we had to rent another warehouse! Businesses had to undertake rapid digitalisation and we have put a lot of focus into our website, our SEO and our social media marketing. Usually, with the busy sales and the telephones ringing, this part of the business can take a back seat! A couple of staff took the time to do some long overdue DIY tasks such as building that shed or painting that fence! That beautiful April weather called for some lovely barbecues and we fine-tuned our cooking skills. Amidst the positives and the negatives, we hope 2021 shines brighter for all of you!

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