Let's hang single-use plastic out to dry!

Why are we hanging plastic out to dry?
#TeamHoesh are working hard every day to design and create brand new dry cleaning products to reduce single-use plastic but maybe you’re wondering why we’re putting so much effort in?

Other than the constant increasing pressure to be more sustainable and get high street dry cleaners into an eco-friendly mindframe, we believe we might be able to help you save some pennies on these products and make your customers happier!

Our products are designed to be re-usable so customers find it easier to use one bag. We see customers walking out of dry cleaners and tearing polythene off their garments. Some customers even take it back into the dry cleaners and ask them to get rid of it. Our bags can go home and come back with the customer.
The three main products are the drop&go collection bags, the shirt service bag and the 3-in-1 bag:
  • Drop&go bag: a robust, fully zipped laundry bag with ample space for customers to bring dirty laundry and collect clean laundry in. 

  • Shirt service bag: A unique product to Hoesh which is designed for the shirt service. Bring in and collect up to 5 shirts in the same bag immediately eliminating 5 pieces of polythene! 
  • 3-in-1 bag – the breathable and branded multi-function bag allowing dirty laundry to be placed in the sack, carried across the body to the store and collected clean and fresh in the straight suit bag!
We spoke to all our dry cleaning buddies and they don’t really enjoy working with polyroll. It’s fiddly to pull over and a nightmare to get rid off. Some of them said they have boxes of the stuff at the back of the store!
We’ll keep trying to make better products at reasonable prices and helping our customers become more sustainable. What are your thoughts on sustainability in the dry cleaning industry? Leave us a comment!
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