The Groom's Guide to Wedding Planning: 6 Steps to Keep Things Organised

You are getting married and all the information you can find on the Internet seems to be addressed to brides only? As the big day approaches you don’t want to forget anything important, and the pressure is hitting exponentially. You don’t want to leave all the responsibilities on your partner, but still you have no clue where to start from? No panic, this 6 steps-guide is here to help you out keeping everything well organised.

To give you a clear idea on the priorities, we have decided to divide the list into two main categories: the tasks you may share with your partner and the ones you can tackle by yourself.




  • Guest list

First things first. For the majority of the people out there, a wedding is meant to be filled with the ones you love. Your friends and family are going to be the x factor in the memories you will carry for the rest of your life, so make your right choices.

Avoid postponing the guest list to the last moment, as being short in time could result into forgetting about your cousin invitation. Our advice is to start making a draft of your list as soon as you get engaged.

It may seem early but, trust the expert: there’s no such thing as being early in the planning process of a wedding. Obviously, it can vary but as long as you have the opportunity and enough time to change your mind, it’s all legitimate.


  • Schedule the wedding timeline

Time, and timing. As mentioned in the previous point, something you want to ensure is for you to have enough time for getting things properly done. A smooth wedding day is the outcome of a well thought preparation. So, sit down and draw a rough guideline on how your big day is going to be arranged.

What is it going to happen? When? Point out your priorities, then decide everything else from those. Do you want to make sure you get enough photos of you and your partner? Well, make a photoshoot note on your timeline so that you don’t forget!


  • Sign thank you cards

This task can be quite time consuming, that’s why it’s located among the shared ones. After a long day of jolly celebrations it’s time for your guests to go home and leave you to your new wedded life.

But isn’t it better for them to get a reminder on how much you have appreciated their funny dance moves, theirs smiles and all the love? Right, a thank you card is the least you can do to let them know.

A good idea could be printing some of the pictures you took together during the reception and hand write a few gratitude lines. Don’t forget to include something personal for each one of them.




  • Groomsmen gifts

A thoughtful groom takes care of their groomsmen. How? From the most traditional football tickets to a well thought bespoke beer glass set, a gift for your best buddies is what you need to make them feel special - not as much as you since it’s your day, but still.

If you want to make their lives even easier, why not evaluating to get some personalised groom & best man bundles for the wedding morning? Hoesh International has recently released a brand new range of packages with the perfect selection of suit covers, storage boxes and hangers so that you don’t have to stress about what to bring to your changing room. All the products can also have your name on, or even a unique logo.

Go check which one amongst the Essential, Premium and Gentlemen’s package is best for you and pace your order in time for your day!


  • Table-to-table greetings

Making sure you have properly expressed your gratitude to each one of your guests can be draining. Not only for the amount of time you spend saying how much you appreciate their presence during the wedding, but also for the doubt that occurs when – at the end of the day – you realise you forgot to thank your uncle.

We know it’s overwhelming, especially if the guests list goes on and on for pages. It’s hard to keep count of all the faces associated with a well delivered welcome.

To help you keeping your anxiety levels under control, we suggest to take a nice walk to each one of the tables – better if while everyone is sitting down for the main course – so that your generic group-greetings don’t leave anyone behind.


  • Toast

The last point can be considered as a standalone one or as a substitute to the previous table-to-table greetings.

If you believe that you should be fully enjoying your wedding refreshments instead of walking through tables, we respect that.

A reasonable alternative could be the traditional toasts, to be delivered every now and then during the reception as you relax in the moment just as much as your guests.



Good luck!

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