The most comfortable wedding shoes for brides

The most comfortable wedding shoes for brides - Hoesh International Ltd

Wedding season is in full swing and your big day is coming up soon. You’ve spent months, maybe even a whole year, tracking down the perfect wedding dress, and now you need the most comfortable wedding shoes to match. But, while lots of styles look stunning on the shelves and online, once you’ve slip them on, you’ll soon realise they’re a one-way ticket to pain and blister city!

Don’t worry, truly comfortable bridal shoes do exist and they’re out there. We’ve done all the hard work for you and found six best shaped, designed and fitted wedding shoes for you.

Block Heels

These are one of the most favoured designs in recent times, as they are all the range these days. Most block heels come with ankle support, which can increase the shoes overall comfort. Block heels are broad enough to provide support on the ground, so that you are steady on your feet all day and all night long.


The biggest benefit wedges provide to the bride is a greater surface for bodyweight distribution. Your feet are designed to distribute your body weight on the toes, arches, and balls of the feet evenly.  When you wear thin heels, all that weight and pressure comes down to a single point.

The broad heel design of wedges helps offer maximum support. Additionally, wedges are wonderful for outdoor weddings, regardless of your wedding theme, because there’s no chance of your heel getting buried in the ground.

Here at Hoesh we have our very own collection of storage boxes, wedding dress covers and bridesmaid dress covers. They are the perfect mode of transport and protection for your wedding shoes, wedding dresses and or accessories.


Let’s be honest, nothing looks more stylish than a stiletto. However, the stiletto shoe is only for extra daring brides who have practiced walking in them regularly. If you’ve practiced and trust yourself not to fall whilst strutting down the aisle, we wish you good luck! Just make sure your gown is cut high enough to show off the fancy heel or you’ll be wearing uncomfy shoes for naught.


Arguably one of the most versatile of shoe designs, sandals come in many styles and sizes. They make excellent choices for those brides who want to be comfortable during their wedding but still look glamorous. Sandals are especially ideal for summer weddings, such as beach gatherings or outdoor garden ceremonies. 


Flats are worn by people of all ages and personalities. They are a shoe style that always remains popular. Many flats are available with lace, pearls, or rhinestones and are made with the most luxurious satin or velvet fabrics. Comfort is key when it comes to flats and there’s no end to their versatility!


If you’re more of a practical bride, why not consider trainers? If you’re a bride that plans to wear a long, trailing dress, you could wear your trainers underneath it and no one would ever know. Many modern brides have made the sensible decision in ditching your typical wedding shoes for a more casual and comfortable pair of trainers, leaving them to enjoy their day pain-free.

Regardless of whatever shoe you choose, our tip to you would be: Try to break in new shoes before wearing them for the big event. Also insoles, plasters and gel pads have saved many, many brides from a sore and sorry fate.

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