The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Formalwear

The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Formalwear - Hoesh International Ltd

Travelling with Formalwear

(A Guide to Keeping Your Wedding Attire Looking Fresh)
Transporting formalwear for a wedding or other special event can be nerve-wracking. You want your beautiful clothes to arrive looking as pristine as the day you bought them. Follow these simple tips for keeping your wedding attire neat, clean, and wrinkle-free while travelling near or far.
Tips to protect your wedding attire
First, invest in high-quality garment bags and suit covers and carriers. These specially designed bags will protect your clothes from dust, spills, and getting creased. Look for thick, durable materials like cotton, peva, nylon or non-woven fabric. For optimum protection, choose full garment bags that cover right down to the hem. Your garment bag should also have a firm structure that prevents collapsing.
For suits, peva, nylon suit carriers and cotton or non-woven suit covers are ideal. The thick covers shield jacket and pants from wrinkles, while allowing the suit to breathe. Sturdy carriers with good reinforcement provide even more structure. Zippered suit bags keep all the pieces contained in one protected place.


Steps for Wrinkle-Free PackingTips to protect your wedding attire-steam iron

Before packing, use your garment steamer to release any existing wrinkles in clothes. Then carefully place items on hangers inside the bag, grouping pieces from the same outfit together. Use the built-in hanger openings inside the bag to properly suspend clothes. For extra assurance, wrap delicate pieces like silk dresses in dry cleaner bags before placing them inside.


Cushioning Against CompressionTips to protect your wedding attire-carry in suitcase

 When possible, transport garment bags in hard-sided luggage vs. flimsy suitcases. The firm sides prevent compression and damage. Pack garment bags flat, avoiding folding them over. Clothes placed upright remain smoother. If needed, use padding or plastic bubbles around the bags as added insulation.


Caring for Clothes While In-FlightTips to protect your wedding attire-aeroplane

 For air travel, garment bags can often be hung in airplane closets, minimizing wrinkles. When using overhead bins, ensure contents are laid flat and evenly distributed. Ask the flight attendant for a closet rod or to carefully hang the bag if available.
In cars, buckle padded garment bags into a seat like a passenger. Never lay them in the trunk. The pressure and motion can cause wrinkling. For long road trips, keep them out of the bag in the backseat area to keep clothes fresh.


Fresh Formalwear Upon ArrivalTips to protect your wedding attire-ironing

 When arriving at your destination, immediately remove formal attire from bags and allow pieces to finish relaxing on hangers. Follow care instructions and properly steam or press items. Touch up any lingering wrinkles. Finally, return clothes to garment bags between wedding activities to protect from dirt or spills. 
By taking a few smart precautions, you can keep your wedding wear looking its absolute best, even after travel. Investing in quality garment bags, suit carriers and covers from Hoesh international, provides reliable defence against wrinkles, stains, and other damage. Let us help you arrive dressed to impress, wherever your formal occasion takes you.
Contact us today to get fitted with the ideal travel solutions for your special attire.


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