5 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding - Hoesh International Ltd

Planning a wedding, especially if you are not relying on any professionals, can be daunting. Indeed, it would be beneficial to have eyes everywhere and the ability to foresee any possible setbacks. The reality is: you don’t have superpowers, and that’s ok.

Following a checklist of things you need to do is usually a valuable way to keep things organised. But, watch out! Do not underestimate the things you shouldn’t do when planning your wedding.

We want to make the process easier for you, that’s why we decided to draft a list of mistakes you can effortlessly avoid. Don’t forget to save this post on Pinterest, so that it will always be easy for you to go back and do your checks.


  • Don’t spare money on your wedding gifts

Setting up a wedding budget is always a good idea, and sometimes also a necessity. Among all the things you can be stingy on, try not to jeopardise your bridesmaids and best men presents.

Together with your close family members, they are supposed to be the main support you can count on. Celebrate them on your special day, you won’t loose the exclusive and you will make happy someone you care about.

The most straightforward way to do it, it’s through a well thought gift. Try out something personal. Take a look at Hoesh International Website for bespoke packages for both men and women.


  • Don’t forget unforeseen costs

Even If you have a good nose for finance, unforeseen costs are called like that way for a reason. When it’s impossible to predict extra costs, the only lifesaver is a reserve fund.

Put some money aside from the beginning of your wedding planning, and keep adding savings along the process. It’s always better getting to the end of the plan with extra money in your pocket instead of having to cut founds from your wedding photos or transports!


  • Don’t forget your flowers

Flowers truly have the power to define the mood of the whole ceremony. Make your pondered choice a good while in advance and decide the quantity in relation to the placement and use.

Your preferences might be tied to the season. Not every flower is available 365 days a year. It’s always a good point to start asking around – ideally to your local florist – if and when your dream blossoms are available. Check our previous article on the perfect summer flowers!


  • Don’t invite unwanted guests only because you feel obligated

Getting invested into your wedding plan often coincides with saying goodbye to your self-control. You may get caught into the spiral of ‘I’m only getting married once: let’s spend a quarter of the budget into fresh petals to be just thrown in the air!’.

Again, set up minor budgets for each bit and an overall one for you not to exceed with the indulgences. Something that you can easily cut on, is guests! Do not make the mistake to overload your wedding invites list with unnecessary people. Keep in mind that each head translate into spent founds.


  • Don’t allow never ending toasts

Afraid that the never ending monologue your uncle made at your cousin’s wedding will be replicated at your meant to be perfect day? Easy done: hire someone to manage the toasts!

Allow your guest to talk only over the microphone, it will be impossible for them to take over if not permitted by the mic moderator. The aim is to keep things light and a relaxed mood for the whole celebration. Your egocentric uncle will only have to accept the shared rule and surely won’t be offended.

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