A Guide to Your Wedding Anniversary Years

A Guide to Your Wedding Anniversary Years - Hoesh International Ltd

Did you know that each wedding anniversary has a different traditional meaning and gift associated with it? For example, Tin is used as a symbol of a 10th wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversaries are a special chance to celebrate reaching another milestone in your marriage. It’s all about reflecting, growing together and looking forward to the future.

We’re going to give you a breakdown of each year and the symbol associated with it! If you’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re buying a gift for friends or parents and you want to know the traditional anniversary gifts and their meanings, we’ve got them all below.

1st Wedding Anniversary – Paper

The first year of marriage is symbolized by paper, it represents the blank pages on which you are beginning to write your story on. It’s still fairly fragile and can rip, but will last if looked after well.

Celebrate your first wedding anniversary with a unique paper present, like a paper ticket to a nice destinantion, a handwritten poem dedicated to your other half or get yourself a personalised Kraft paper carrier bag and fill it with some of your partners favorite things, candles, chocolates, socks etc.

2nd Wedding Anniversary – Cotton

The second year of marriage is symbolized by cotton.This is because the threads of you and your partner’s lives are becoming more and more intertwined, it also represents comfort and strength.

There are lots of great cotton gifts around like coordinating dressing gowns, luxurious cotton duvet blanket or if you both have a favorite outfit why not get matching luxury cotton twill garment covers, we have them as a suit cover and dress cover.

3rd Wedding Anniversary – Leather

Number three, the third year of marriage is symbolized by leather, this was traditionally used as a protective layer against bad weather as it is flexible and durable. It’s all about security and shelter. Leather is also long-lasting, just like your marriage will be!

Some gift ideas could include a leather wallet and or a nice leather handbag, it doesn’t have to break the bank don’t worry.

4th Wedding Anniversary – Fruit & Flowers and or Linen & Silk

The four year marriage mark is symbolized by fruit and flowers (US) or linen and silk (UK) depending where you are in the world.

At four years, your marriage is ripening and blossoming, so it is represented by fruit and flowers.

In the UK linen or silk is traditionally given to celebrate four years of marriage. It’s cool, durable and luxurious, quite like your relationship at the four year mark.

For both the US and UK some simple gift ideas are, a fruit basket, gardening tools and matching silk pyjamas might be a shout.

5th  Wedding Anniversary – Wood

The fifth year of marriage is symbolized by wood. It is the symbol of strength, wisdom and time. Trees have five roots, so you see the similarities. After five years your marriage is solid. Some traditional gift ideas include a wooden picture frame, wooden sculptures, wooden clocks or why not get yourself matching personalised luxury white wooden hangers!

6th Wedding Anniversary – Sugar

Onto the sixth year of marriage, this year is symbolized with all things sweet! I think this year is quite self-explanatory, it’s the perfect time to indulge in some sugary sweets, treats or go out for a nice afternoon tea.

7th Wedding Anniversary – Wool

Seven! This year is symbolized by wool. It keeps you warm and provides comfort, just like what seven years of marriage brings. An ideal comfy gift might be some clothes or a big throw.

8th Wedding Anniversary – Salt

The eighth year of marriage symbol is salt, it represents that your love is a necessity in your life, adding flavor! Gift wise, we can only think one one thing which is cook a nice romantic meal for your partner, just go easy on the salt.

9th  Wedding Anniversary – Copper

For those or may or may not know, copper conducts and generates heat. The beauty of this symbolizes how you can both accommodate and bend to each other after nine years. An ideal gift would be some copper cookware or if you are more artistic a sculpture of some sort.

10th Wedding Anniversary – Tin

Just wow! A decade of marriage, what an achievement. The tradition of 10 years is Tin. The good news is, this comes with practicality. Tin is used to store and preserve items. After 10 years of marriage, it’s likely that your relationship is well preserved.

Similar to copper, cookware and homeware is the key, you can even get some engraved goblets or candle holders if you’re feeling out there!

15th Wedding Anniversary – Crystal

Skipping forward a little bit, 15 years together symbolizes crystals. Here is where the wedding anniversary years start to get fancy! It represents your clear and sparkling love after a decade and a half together. The best gifts to get are some crystal stemware, maybe a nice necklace or a watch.

20th Wedding Anniversary – China

Two decades of marriage! The symbol for this is China, it is delicate but hardwearing. It needs to be looked after well looked, making it the perfect symbol for 20 years of marriage.

An ideal gift would be a trip to China, right? Or an alternative is some fine China sets.

25th Wedding Anniversary – Silver

A quarter of a century together! Spending that time with someone is incredibly valuable, no wonder this year’s symbol is silver. This is one of the most valuable metals, it’s perfect that it represents your 25th wedding anniversary. No matter how old it is, if silver is treated well it is radiant.

Gift wise, how about some special jewelry to mark this big milestone?

30th Wedding Anniversary – Pearl

Did you know that pearls take time to be cultivated and they are formed over time in oysters. They’re natural and beautiful but rare. You know what that sounds like? Like a couple after 30 years of marriage! Why not mark the occasion by going out for oysters together or if you aren’t a fan a nice pearl necklace would do the trick.

40th Wedding Anniversary – Ruby

40 years of marriage is a real landmark. The rich red ruby is one of the world’s most sought-after precious stones, just like 40 years of marriage! It symbolizes love and passion.

To celebrate one of the biggest wedding anniversary milestone why not share some ruby-red wine with your partner or plant a red rose in your garden?

50th Wedding Anniversary – Gold

Can you believe it 50 years of marriage! What an incredible achievement and it should be celebrated as such. It can only represent one thing – gold! Gold symbolizes strength, wisdom and prosperity, all things you will have built up through your half-century toegther.

You could buy some new jewelry, a nice golden chain, cufflinks, ring or tie pin!

60th Wedding Anniversary – Diamond

We finally made it, 60 years! This can only be represented by one thing, that’s right diamond! They are made through extreme pressure and are one of the most durable materials in existence.They are seen as invincible, just as your love is after 60 years of marriage.

You originally celebrate the 75th anniversary with diamonds, but the 60th was added in as a diamond anniversary too in honour of Queen Victoria reaching her Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

Celebrate this enormous occasion not just with diamond-themed gifts but also with a special dinner or party with your loved ones!

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