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A Guide to the Best Wedding Guest Dress 2021

A Guide to the Best Wedding Guest Dress 2021 - Hoesh International Ltd

Nuptial ceremonies are finally back on the scene, with them the fast paced shopping and the fatidic statement: “I need a dress to wear to a wedding!”. To all sales assistants, thank you in advance for the support! 

You’re a guest like any other, alright. But no role was more ambiguous in matter of wedding outfits. Lucky bridesmaids, with their one-fits-all dresses (not always the case, but that’s for another blog).

What's the best attire to wear to a wedding, then? How do you make sure you avoid the overdressed look? What if the floral pattern mid-dress you picked was only good for an afternoon tea date? Our guide is there to help you finding the right compromise!

Whether the next celebration is approaching fast in the upcoming months or if you still have plenty of time to prepare for a summer wedding, the overwhelming feeling is probably around the corner. Have faith, you are not alone!

Finding the right wedding guest dress is never so easy, for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have set some unspoken rules with yourself to make sure you don’t go too crazy on eccentricity - or just to avoid the last minute shopping madness! Do yourself a favour (and the bride, too): the only strict rule you should follow is “white is banned”! That’s all for weddings dress code. Now, have fun!

As the current wedding fashion trends suggest, there is no such thing as an outfit so sophisticated you can use it for one occasion only, shove it in the closet and never make it see the light again. Long life to wedding guests dresses! After all, that’s how it should be. Give a chance to that flowy beach wedding guest dress you saw but didn't have the courage to buy. A knee length dresses to wear to a wedding? Keep reading and we will 

Go thrifting if you are brave enough to spend some time in the perfect dress hunt. If second hand for a special day is not for you, make sure your choice checks all the point for re-use. This is a good trick for being sustainable, but also to avoid overly-formal wear. You are welcome.

But let’s dive into the practical manner now. We have broken down the main criteria on how to make your choice a good one, into three points:

  1. Season and fabric

Making your best possible choice on your wedding guest dress starts from the season in which the wedding will be celebrated. It happened to everybody, at least once, to attend a ceremony and find that quirky guest layered in a velvet suit at a mid-July wedding lunch on a sun-inundated porch. Right. You don’t want to be that guest, do you? Season and fabric differentiation is there for a reason. Favour light, dreamy organza or fresh cotton for summer weddings (sun dresses for wedding should be a thing!), whilst moving towards warmer dress covers or thicker fabrics for the cold months.

Dark Green Wedding Dress
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  1. Level of formality and re-usability

The categorisation here involves three levels of formality: formal, semi-formal and informal. If you are required to respect a quite high standard, a bodycon fit chiffon mesh could be the ideal choice. This fabric has loads of character, especially when its finish is slightly sheer. It makes a great option if you want to keep it sensual and elegantly show your curves.

Nude Wedding Dress
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Another valuable option if you are required to stick to formal but not so much, is a satin camisole dress. Make it precious with a pair of stiletto heels covered in stones and put your hair up in a chignon. This type of dress is ideal for a date night out, making it the king of semi-formal re-usable dresses.

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A bohemian attire for wedding will check off the whole list of requirements that make the ultimate guest dress: comfortable, re-usable, not-so-expensive and fun! This is the one that will give you the greatest freedom of interpretation. You can play with simple floral patterns, long casual skirts, batwing sleeves and boots. The keyword is originality!

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} Show off your unique fashion sense in this beautiful and extravagant floral print floor length dress. It features a front and deep back V neck. Its spaghetti straps gives it an extra dazzle. Pair this with white sandals and you are ready to go.
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  1. Length

We have decided to include this point as a standalone one, even though it could be ruled by the level of formality you have to rely on. But formality doesn’t always coincide with elegance. Keep in mind: wearing a short dress for a wedding doesn’t necessarily mean being not-so-classy. If your dream dress stops above your knees, just wear it with the right shoes. A good suggestion would be wearing a rather simple heeled sandal to keep the attention on the legs only (less is always more).

15 Beautiful Wedding Guest Dress Ideas
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Let’s say the reception will take place at a private garden, on a summer night: humidity levels to the roof. Or, even better, on the beach. If you are struggling to decide on the length due to the unexpected nature of the weather conditions, give midi dresses a go. A midi-cut is the good compromise in formality and practicality. But be careful with what you decide to wear on your feet: avoid flat shoes and you’ll preserve a slender figure.

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