Goodbye plastic! - A real life story

Goodbye plastic! - A real life story - Hoesh International Ltd
So we keep going on about our products and how great they are but what does our customer, Kieron from Westward Dry Cleaners think?

He’s taking some incredible steps forward to cut single-use plastic out of his stores. We started using the hashtag #byebyeplastic. Customers are loving the initiative, initially we gave them out free of charge to our regular customers, our business clients and now our hotels are in contact wanting them for guests and for staff.

We do sell them also as a reusable cover, laundry bag, duvet bag, but mostly it’s a marketing exercise giving them free to clients.

Our gym and sport (football kit, rugby kit, GAA kit etc) are now all using the laundry bags, they love them. We disinfect the laundry bag each time before re packing the clean kit and specify this on each clean…

Our plan is to eventually eliminate the use of single poly but if a client specifically requests it we will treat it the same as a shopping bag levy and add a fee perhaps €0.50 per cover, this will further help to educate and change the mindset…

We are also moving away now from plastic hangers (recyclable wire only with logo’d paper covers) again part of our #byebyeplastic.

Our hotel clients are now all running sustainability programs and have approached us about this initiative, in simple terms the guest laundry returned to the room would be in the reusable cover, and returned to reception or left in the room for the next guest…we would then take them and clean once a week.”
Kieron from Westward Dry Cleaners bag
Kieron from Westward Dry Cleaners bag

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