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Your bridal dress is a huge part of your special day and caring for it ensures protecting it for as long as possible.
 There are lots of factors which contribute to protecting your dress:
  • Climate control plays an important part in preserving the dress. You want to avoid large changes in humidity and temperature because this can easily age delicate fabric such as lace. Ideally, the area should be cool and mildew-free.
  • Keeping the dress away from other clothing is important as is not using coloured and acidic tissue paper.
  • Lighting – harsh light can cause the dress to yellow.
  • Position: Bridal gowns tend to have heavy lace or embellishments/embroidery. Therefore, hanging these dresses is not advisable and the dress should be stored flat. Many brides may think the attic is a great place however with a high risk of damp or a leaking roof, this may be detrimental to your gown. A better location would be the top shelf of a closet or under the bed.
  • Movement: If you are travelling with the gown (destination wedding), make sure it is carried in your hand luggage and not checked it. Speak with the airline beforehand so they know you are going to be bringing it aboard. Transporting in a box means minimum handling instead of plane staff fumbling about trying to hang it up somewhere.
  • Storage: Never store your dress in plastic covers – if you need a temporary cover, a 100% cotton twill cover is best. Plastic covers may disintegrate over time and leave harmful particles on the dress. Additionally, the dress can sweat in plastic causing mould, mildew and discolouring.
At Hoesh, we specialise in creating beautiful wedding dress storage boxes which all come with 10 sheets of acid-free tissue paper so you know your dress is in safe hands. The box comes in 3 sizes to accommodate all dresses including bridal, bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses. The medium box is cabin-size approved and means your dress can always be with you wherever you may be travelling to. 

  Outside the door, holding a wedding box

With the ability to flat pack the box down, you can store your dress easily under the bed or at the top of a closet without having to stuff it into the attic. The box has buckles and a sturdy handle so it can be easily carried around.

Our wedding storage boxes start from as little as £7.50 and can even have your name printed on them. If you specialise in cleaning wedding dresses or think your brides could benefit from these boxes in the bridal shop, you can buy as little 5 boxes to get you started and have your logo printed on them. We have a range of colours and designs to choose from.



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If you need something temporarily to hang your dress in, we would always recommend our 100% cotton twill bridal bags. The bag can be re-used again for any other purpose and provides a light and breathable option.


Preserving your wedding dress to the best of your ability means you can cherish an important part of your special day and have the chance to pass it on to your next generation. When a single article of clothing has brought you so much joy, it only makes sense to want to share that joy with others. Family members will be thrilled and thankful to have such a special gift lovingly handed to them. You could even wear your special dress years later, maybe when renewing your vows!


Even if you decide to sell your wedding gown, a well preserved gown will fetch a good price and have many more interested buyers!

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