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The Best First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts Of 2022

The Best First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts Of 2022 - Hoesh International Ltd

If your first wedding anniversary happens to be celebrated in 2022, it can only mean one thing: you had a rather extraordinary (and locked-in) first year together! What better excuse to celebrate with a unique first anniversary gift? Well, you have come across the right piece of advice.

Whether you are looking for a traditional, quirky or creative 1-year anniversary gift, we will cover it all. Read though the article to get some inspiration on how to prepare a good old surprise for first anniversary, what’s the best traditional but still modern anniversary gift, the most sentimental one, how to find the best customized present or get your hands dirty on an handmade one.


Before we go ahead with the real deal, let’s dip our toes in the history of wedding anniversary milestone names. Traditionally, each anniversary year has its own identifying name, all ascribable to materials. The older the couple grows, the more resistant and noble the material.  

Despite its name, the first year milestone - the paper wedding anniversary - is undoubtedly something to be proud of! You succeeded on the first new habits, the first disagreements, the first new traditions and laughs together and forever. Kudos to you and your spouse for this achievement and many more to come.


It’s now time to get practical and brainstorm a bit about all the good options you have to surprise your partner. Let’s start from tradition, shall we? The top traditional one year wedding anniversary gifts will never really wane. Our favourites have a sentimental touch that makes them even more special.


Could we go more traditional and sentimental than this? A lovely picture frame with a photo of your wedding day or one of the best memories you collected over the year is definitely going to melt your significant other’s heart! Not only it displays your love but it also makes a fancy home décor gift for the couple. Would you like to go a bit extra? Make it personalised by engraving your names and your anniversary date on the frame.


Has anyone said practical gifts? The ultimate useful present of all is the mug. No arguing. Why not making it special and getting a matching set for him and for her with a custom print? You can go very creative and write a few lines from your most romantic song’s lyrics, or a quote from your wedding vows. This idea can also take a quirky turn if you choose a funny caricature of your partner to be boldly displayed on the mug!  



Elegant, romantic, traditional yet modern, a magnetic bracelet for him and for her is a unique way to fix and celebrate a newlyweds milestone. Simplicity is key: get an easily wearable metal bracelet, wide enough to accommodate your message of love.



Are you looking for the most romantic homemade anniversary gift? Our absolute favourite first anniversary surprise is to start a memories box, from the first year to your forever. Choose your design and get it printed on a magnetic cardboard box. Your surname, your favourite song, your wedding date or a photo, make sure that your box depicts your couple’s essence starting from the lid. Fill it up with everything you are able to gather from your first year together such as love letters, polaroid photos, silly props, and set the promise to keep filling it for all the new memories to come.



This option is mainly addressed to those of you who fancy a chill Sunday afternoon DIY project. If that’s your case grab a cup, roll up your sleeves and start drawing a detail for each salient moment of your first 365 days as a family. Remember to place each event on a chronological order to give the painting a timeline look. The best support would be a solid canvas, for a better support of any painting technique, or a high quality paper with good grammage. Once you are done, choose a frame that goes well with your home interiors and… be ready to pour some tender tears!




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