Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

A wedding favour is a small souvenir given by the bride and groom to each wedding guest as a token of their appreciation and gratitude for attending their wedding. Wedding favours are thought to have originated in the 16th century among the French aristocrats and upper classes, who gave their guests small porcelain or crystal trinket boxes filled with sugar or candies, known as bonbonnieres. Favours have evolved into a tradition that can be found throughout history, with different countries practising different traditions. Wedding favours are a long-standing tradition that your guests appreciate and cherish for years. Wedding Favours don't have to be little boxes of sugared almonds any longer, couples are now choosing a variety of different favours according to their wedding theme or individual personality. If purchasing wedding favours is next on your list, why not make them a little more unique? We have compiled a list of some unique ideas to help you find the perfect wedding favour for your big day.

Personalised wedding favours

Personalised or unusual wedding favours are now the norm, They show the extra thought and care you put into buying them. And they don’t have to be expensive either. There is an option for every budget available on the market right now, ranging from a few pence to a few pounds. You can go for any of these items or mix and match them together in a personalised goodie bag. Check out our custom-designed carrier bags which can be printed with your guests’ names or a special message.


 Customized gift bags


Champagne bottles with a personalised message


Personalised fortune cookies


Macrons in cloche


Personalised Shot glasses


Wedding favours in a budget

You have already spent thousands of dollars on your wedding, so want to be budget conscious and select an economical wedding favour?. You can still have fabulous favours! With so many affordable wedding favour alternatives, providing a cheap souvenir for your wedding guests doesn't have to be a financial burden.


Mini Mason Jars


Assorted chocolates


Assorted tea bags








Eco-friendly wedding favours

Are you having a green wedding and want your wedding favours to reflect your theme but are not sure if the guests will like them? Who says environment-friendly gifts can’t be cute? We have a list of eco-friendly gifts your guests will appreciate:


Biodegradable Flower Confetti


Beeswax candles


Natural soap



Wedding favours for kids

If you're having a wedding with a lot of young guests, it's crucial to incorporate one or two small touches to keep them entertained. There are many choices that will please kids, ranging from delicious treats to fun activities to make your young guest happy and entertained


Art and craft





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