Choosing Your Bridesmaids' Dresses

Choosing Your Bridesmaids' Dresses - Hoesh International Ltd

A wedding is a memorable time; everyone wants their wedding ceremony to be perfect. After the hustle and bustle of choosing your wedding dress, searching for dresses for your bridesmaids can be daunting. Styling your gal pals in their best look according to their body type is important for them to be confident and happy on your big day. It's challenging to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress that will please all of your friends and family while still complementing your unique style. But this brief primer will assist you in instilling some sanity into your quest for the appropriate bridesmaids' attire. Before you make a final decision, double-check it. Your pals will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Silhouette of the dress

With changing times, it has become prudent to make all your bridesmaids wear an identical dress. Each bridesmaid can now have their own style; one that is tailored to their body type and personality. Different silhouette and cut in the same colour or even different shade of the colour is in trend. So if you decide on keeping the same colour theme, you can still play around with different cuts and silhouettes to give your bridesmaids a sense of uniqueness. Different necklines such as, spaghetti-strap, cowl and boat neck and length of the dresses like cocktail-length, tea-length or floor length can be decided according to the theme of the wedding and also the choice of bridesmaid. Everyone has different body shape. Some of you girls can be slim, or hour-glass or pear shaped. It is wise to let your bridesmaid decide on the kind of silhouette that flatters their body type and they feel most comfortable in.

Maternity bridesmaid dress

While choosing a bridesmaid dress it is always worth considering post and pre-natal bridesmaids if one of your bridesmaids is expected to have recently given birth or is still pregnant at the time of your wedding. For pregnant bridesmaids, empire line dresses are a terrific option. Buying a longer version of the dress that fits perfectly over the bump can also be a great alternative to maternity-wear. Speak with the bridesmaid and find out what she would feel comfortable wearing because it’s very important to keep all your bridesmaids feeling comfortable.

Mix and match

You can decide on keeping your bridesmaid dresses all in the same colour or let them mix and match and play around with different silhouettes, fabric or even colour to give your wedding a sense of uniqueness. Mix-and-match bridal parties are really popular right now. Most brides provide their friends with a colour palette from which to choose, and then let their friends select the dress of their choosing. If your wedding theme contains certain hues, such as fall russets or spring pastels, choosing bridesmaid dress colours will be a breeze. If you have additional colour selections, you can choose a shade that will suit your wedding gown or complement your floral choices. You can also select colours that correspond to the year's wedding trends. This makes it possible for your buddies to feel at ease in whatever they're wearing. If you want to go down the mix-and-match route, be very clear about which colours you want and which you don't. The same is true for materials, lengths, and silhouettes. If you don't want your pals to wear a certain style, let them know before they go dress shopping.

Choosing a white bridesmaids dress

Are you going for a beach wedding or a rustic wedding celebration in the woods and have been toying with the thought of making your bridesmaids wear white but are not sure about it? Yes you can totally go for it! Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian already did it. In fact white bridesmaid dresses are back in style. It enhances the ambience and tone of the party and creates stunning and iconic photographs that will endure a lifetime. Bridesmaids in white always appear stylish and chic plus it also coordinates with the flower girl.  But if you decide on going with white bridesmaid dress special attention should be paid on silhouette, design, length and even fabric of the garment. You will have to choose a dress that is distinct enough from yours so that no one else could be mistaken as a bride. For example if you are wearing a full-length gown with a train, choose bridesmaid dresses with high low hem and with a totally different necklines. One thing to keep in mind while choosing a white bridesmaids dresses is to store them with extra care and we have got some amazing bridesmaids dress cover and storage boxes in different colour that can be customized according to your wedding theme. You can also take a look on Hoesh International Website for personalised packages for your bridal party.


Tie everyone's look together with accessories

Going with the same colour, different style, or different colours all together for your bridesmaids? You can tie everything together and give the bridal party a sense of uniformity by accessorising them the right way. The idea is to create a unique look that works together aesthetically. You can make them wear identical jewelleries or shawls and even make them carry a matching bouquet. These additional touches can be beautifully gifted in our custom designed carrier bags and be printed with slogans such as “Team Bride” or individual bridesmaid names for that extra special touch.

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