When the night is dark…

When the night is dark… - Hoesh International Ltd
We will be launching a brand new offer this week for all our dry cleaning customers which we think is very special indeed. On that note, we thought we would fill you all in with a little FAQ on winter dry cleaning.

What’s the point in dry cleaning?
Regular professional dry cleaning can be very beneficial for those bulky winter clothes are they harbour more grit, dirt and sweat. A build up of any of those can stress those delicate fabrics and wools. Therefore dry cleaning can make your clothes last longer and let’s face, those jumpers need to stay cosy for as long as possible!

This may be especially important for asthmatics and allergy sufferers as dust mites can trigger nasty allergies or skin reactions if they are not regularly cleaned out. Most dry cleaners recommend having large items like coats cleaned at least twice a year.

What about my duvets?
Duvets are also bulky items and therefore can also trap dust mites! Have you ever shook your duvet and your room was engulfed in a cloud of dust?! Imagine that building again over time!

It is recommended to dry cleaner duvets atleast twice a year too to avoid suffering from any health issues. Feather or down duvets definitely need dry cleaning professionally because the washing machine may cause the down of feathers to all clump together and then they cannot dry effectively. The last thing we want is a build up of dust and damp!

Those huge industrial machines at the dry cleaners are designed to effectively clean and thoroughly dry your duvet.

How should a duvet be dried then?
Air drying is the recommended method because the duvet can be fully exposed allowing any micro-organisms to be killed. However, those British winter months do not allow for easily air drying your duvet under the sun and this is where your dry cleaner can come to the rescue and do that pesky job for you!

We all know that lush feeling of sleeping in freshly washed bedsheets. Now imagine your duvet being freshly cleaned too.

PS: 3 days till the LADA Awards!

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