The Ultimate List of Things to Get for your Wedding Morning

The Ultimate List of Things to Get for your Wedding Morning - Hoesh International Ltd

The preceding months to your wedding day are usually filled with the most dreamy thoughts and expectations. You, in your ethereal dress, walking down that aisle covered in white rose petals, surrounded by your most beloved ones.  Nothing can go wrong... in your head! Sadly, life happens and sometimes you forget about vital things – yes, even the best make mistakes.

You spent hours on each detail of your most awaited day, the suspense is almost over when you realise you didn’t plan what to bring to your bridal dressing room. No need to panic, we got it sorted for you!

Here’s our ultimate guide to the essentials for your wedding morning.

 Venue’s Bridal Dressing Room or Home?

Are you planning to get ready in the comforts of your own house or at your venue’s bridal dressing room? Either way, the necessary kit doesn’t majorly differ but it’s still good to make things clear.

If you choose to bring your whole bridal entourage to an unexplored get-ready location, make sure it’s not so unexplored on the actual wedding day. Taking an explorative promenade on site would be your good chance to fill in a list of things you may need on your wedding day, that they probably don’t provide – you never know!

  • Food

Ok, we got that your anxiety levels may have been higher that average but this is not a good excuse for you to avoid getting enough energy to survive the big day, and the only way to success is having a good meal. Yes, you can prefer to snack around if you’d rather not stop and sit down for a proper refuel.

Tip: ask your maid of honour or anybody that knows your taste to prepare a selection of refreshments for you and your crew. It helps you avoiding any collapse, plus it’s also a good opportunity to enjoy those unforgettable moments to the fullest.

  • Playlist and sound system

The best and easiest way to adjust any unwanted negative vibes, is music! Don’t forget to invest some time during the months before the big day to pick those songs that have always and will always be your mood-saviour ones. Make sure you have a good device to play your music on: a Bluetooth speaker may do the job.

  • Garment rack

Let’s be practical. Arriving at your dressing room to find out there is no other place than the door frame to hang your wedding dress may release a good dose of annoyance. Choose a photo friendly garment rack, to be embellished with some climbing leaves or fancy bows.

  • Hangers

Just like your garment rack, your hangers of choice should be that elegant detail you may want to show off in your wedding pictures. Prefer good quality materials, like wood, and add your touch by getting your name or new surname printed underneath the hook. If you have no clue where to get them done, keep an eye on the Hoesh website for some exciting news coming soon.

  • Wedding dress cover

Getting a sturdy bridal cover should be put ahead in the list. Rain, dust, tipsy maids that could potentially spill some prosecco on your immaculate wedding dress… all things we want to avoid. Hoesh’ selections of gown covers are available in breathable or waterproof fabrics, in a range of colours and sizes to compliment your wedding theme.

  • Bridal Emergency Kit

Nail file, safety pins, floss, comfy shoes, deodorant, stain remover and face mask are our 7 go-to essentials that you may not think about but will surely end up needing at your wedding. Also bring some mints, you are likely to be asked for a kiss.

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