The effects of plastic have been proven to be devastating to our planet. Oceans are increasingly being contaminated by plastic waste, which is causing irreversible damage to the ecosystem. Plastic has been found on the corals around the Addu Atoll in the Maldives. The corals are releasing algae as a stress reaction, and are turning white as a result of water warming. Seagulls are found stuck in plastic fishnets and turtles in plastic packaging.

Being not biodegradable, plastic does not dissolve but it breaks down into minuscule particles called microplastics. Microplastics can be considered as harmful as bigger sized plastic chunks floating in our oceans: they end up being swollen by the marine fauna, fetching noxious toxins in the food chain.

Over the past six years, a step ahead in the battle against plastic usage has been made. The increase in price of single use plastic bags – put into place in 2015 – has brought down sales by 95%. The measure will see a follow up on the next 21st of May, when plastic bags price will rise again by 10p, 5p more than the 2015 increment. The charge will be extended to all retailers – included local corner-shops – for a predicted decrease in single-use plastic bags use by 70-80% in small and medium businesses.

The Environment Minister, Rebecca Pow, has encouraged all retail businesses not to be caught unprepared to the upcoming adjustment. In a recent speech, she said: “Over the next couple of weeks I urge all retailers of all sizes to make sure they are ready for the changes, as we work together to build back greener and strengthen our world-leading action to combat the scourge of plastic waste”.

As reported by Greenpeace, UK supermarkets alone produce 800,000 tonnes of plastic and up to 12,7 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the oceans, every year. If you feel the need to speak up and stop plastic waste as much as we do, you could start from signing Greenpeace petition.

Another big step you could consider is switching to craft or reusable carrier bags. At Hoesh International we care a lot about the rapidly evolving ecological concerns. What we do to minimise our environmental footprint is cutting down the use of plastic in our facilities as much as we can and proposing sustainable options to single use plastic bags to our customers. Our range of non-woven breathable carrier bags and the Kraft version in matt finish paper with matching rope handles are valid alternatives to disposable sacks.

Our non-woven and Kraft bags collection is vast and each style serves its own purpose. They are extremely durable and highly practical. You will find a reusable carrier bag for all requirements. They are available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) and come in paper and breathable materials. Also, they can be fully personalised and even have your name or logo on. For more information give us a call +44 (0)116 276 5221 or send an email weborders@hoeshinternational.co.uk.

After such huge demand for the bags, we released our newest range: the Paris bags. This luxury product has ribbon tape handles instead of the basic cord option. They are available in 2 sizes only and are again fully customisable.

Each carrier bag can be used for whatever purpose and can be chosen to suit your size and colour preference. They are also available to match other products in the polka dot range.


Choose to be green and live sustainable. We give you the options, you make the difference!

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