With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and summer weather timidly tiptoeing around the corner, it is finally time for you to wrap your head around your wedding day preparations! This 5 steps guide will help you going through your priorities and avoid you the disrupting feeling of getting lost into your imagination. Let’s get organise and, sure thing, you will find a way to include everything you’ve dreamt of in your perfect day. The key is: don’t rush it and trustfully follow the pathway we traced to help you in this journey.


  • The "don't(s)"

If you struggle to pick one, start from what you don’t want. This approach can spare you hours of indecision. If you feel stuck between roses or daisies, Tiffany blue or dusty pink… just picture both options and ask yourself what will not make an appearance on you wedding pictures. Remember you shouldn’t overthink it, it just needs to feel like the right choice.

If your struggle is real and you cannot count only on yourself, a bit of confrontation won’t arm your wedding uniqueness so feel free to ask someone their opinion on your preferences. The only objection is to carefully direct your doubts to someone you really trust – starting from your partner, it’s just a suggestion. Putting more uncertainty in the mix is exactly what you want to avoid so ponder your selection.

Once your ideas get a bit of ground, grab your cup of tea and fill in the list of “don’t(s)” to be consulted as a self-reminder every time you struggle to choose.


  • Define your priorities

Before you set up the full wedding plan it’s better to ponder your needs. Avoid having to go back and fix when you can simply slow down and evaluate what option is best for you.

Let’s say one of your priorities is giving attention to sustainability: the advice here is to get a rough idea of what you want and then draw a list of sustainable companies that may help you accomplish your goal. It would be ideal to have more than one candidate for each element, in order to avoid disappointment.

Another priority you may not want to forget setting right from the beginning is your budget. You are more likely to have the chance to change any other possible component involved in your wedding plan, but probably not the financial one. Be realistic on that and, if possible, set up a reserve fund for any unforeseen inconvenience.


  • Research

By using the list of “don’t(s)” as scaffolding to your research, start absorbing all the inspiration around you – it’s one of the most exciting parts so don’t forget to have fun!

The best platform to draw fully from is Pinterest. Yes, the countless hours spent pinning those dream wedding inspiration pics where worth it and fully approved by this guide. So, if you haven’t done it already, create a new board and save anything you may find interesting or suitable to your wedding theme. Don’t underestimate the small details: if you find something about those bespoke hangers you really want to have at your dressing room, pin it or you may forget later.

If you liked the idea of the hangers, Hoesh International is about to launch a new range so keep an eye on the website and the Instagram account for more updates, or contact us to pre-order!


  • Moodboard

This step will be a piece of cake if you did your homework on Pinterest. Just by taking a look at your Pinterest board you will be able to spot the recurring elements – colour, shapes, flower types, venues, and so on – and those are the ones you want to include.

If you get by in Photoshop, you may create a Moodboard by gathering all the relevant hints. If photoshop is not for you, a printer will do the job. Put on paper the inspirational pictures and glue them together on a poster. It would be ideal to hang it on the wall for you to easily add or remove any of the elements.


  • Necessities

For the most part, the planning process of your wedding is about flowers, veils and shoes but the practical side is hiding under the plate of your cake tasting - and it’s going to come out at one point.

You are the protagonist, hands down, but your guests have needs too. Different diets, allergies and intolerances, or simply personal taste, keep in mind to make available some secondary options to your main menu. The reception is supposed to be a communal moment that everybody should enjoy equally without feeling different or put aside.

One word: entertainment. After months of preparation for your day to look good you may also want it to feel good. A memorable celebration needs to be enjoyable. To ensure some fun to your guests you may count on your friends creativity and leave the games to them. If that’s not enough, consider hiring some experts. A jazz trio, a portrait artist or a comedian… fill your day with good vibes only and make it the best also for your beloved ones.




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