The Honeymoon Green List: Top 5 Destinations

The Honeymoon Green List: Top 5 Destinations - Hoesh International Ltd

Despite all the hopes and promises of normality that 2021 was supposed to bring, the reality is that it’s been the worthy successor of 2020. This being said, if you kept postponing your wedding for months, now it should finally be time for you to get things done.

Good news for all the nearly married couples out there: your honeymoon is safe (for the time being!).

It is now possible to travel with no obligations of quarantine to those countries that have been assessed safe in relation to the local vaccination rates. So, pack your wedding dress in your personalized box – that you can order from Hoesh International by clicking on this link – and pick your location!

The UK Government has decided on dividing travel corridors into more or less secure destinations by introducing a traffic light system. From May 17 though, a good part of foreign countries that could potentially represent your ideal honeymoon scenery are in the red or amber list. These sections are interested with severe quarantine and testing regulations that might push you back from sending that booking confirmation.

But let’s focus on the good: you still have plenty of potential dream travel locations available! Here’s our top five. Some of the destinations we included in our selection are still in the amber list, but there are rumours from the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps which suggest that the green list will integrate these from June 7.

  • Maldives

How does private white-sand beach sound to you? If a full immersion into a relaxing luxury resort at one of the most popular marine locations of all times is how you picture your honeymoon, the Maldives is the place to be! With a current 57.6% of the population vaccinated for Covid-19, the South Asian archipelago is promising you days of cocktail sipping while swinging in a hammock over the ocean.

  • Malta

If beautiful beaches and warm weather are not enough, you can add some exploration to the mix if you pick our next chain of scattered islands. This time, the magical spot surrounded by the sea is located in the Mediterranean, between Sicily and the North African coast: Malta. Get lost in the narrow, orange street of Valletta or have a swim in the majestic Blue Lagoon.

  • Mongolia

Chilling on a beech and having relaxing walks are not satisfying enough? You might be more of an adventure seeker and for this reason we’ve decided to add Mongolia to our list. This vast rural country situated between China and Russia is ideal if you would love visiting uncontaminated parks like the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, trek in the Gobi Desert or go cycling in the northern countryside of the Bulgan province.

  • Iceland

Hunting for a remote destination? The Icelandic landscape is what you are looking for. Our advice is to rent a car and go explore the great variety of stunning lava formations, scenic villages, waterfalls, hot springs, ice glaciers, all lights up by the Northern Lights – if you’re lucky enough!

  • Singapore

Our last dream destination suggestion is Singapore. If you cannot do without a vibrant and modern environment, the city-state in maritime Southeast Asia might be your choice. Book your stay at The Ritz-Carlton for breath-taking views over the city, and spice up your trip with a street food tour and a cruise down the river.

Stay safe and enjoy your long awaited honeymoon!

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