Six Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Six Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake - Hoesh International Ltd

You’ve been busy planning the wedding of your dreams, but what does the wedding of your dreams also need? The wedding cake of your dreams! You’ve made so many tough decisions, this might be the hardest one to make. A beautiful wedding cake can be a real focal point at your wedding reception. It adds to your wedding theme and really makes a statement. It also has to look as good as it tastes – no pressure!

When it comes to wedding cakes, there is so much choice out there! But don’t worry check out these six top tips for choosing your perfect wedding cake.

Give yourself time

First things first, give yourself plenty of time. Most good wedding cake makers are booked up months and even years in advance. Our first recommendation to you would be, book your cake in with your cake maker at least 12 months prior to your wedding. Don’t leave choosing your wedding cake until the last minute. You could end up disappointed.

Decide on a wedding cake

You want your cake to fit in with the overall look of you wedding.

There is an endless amount of styles you can choose from. You can go with a classic look or be creative…

  • You can have an all-white cake or add some color
  • You can have the cake match your wedding theme
  • You can have your cake represent your favorite memory together
  • Your cake may be simple or it may have extravagant decoration that matches your dress.

There is a lot of research that you need to do! Sit down, grab a drink with your fiancé and research cake ideas/inspirations. Social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for finding all kinds of wedding cakes, this should give you some insight.

Does size matter?

It’s important that you have enough cake to serve all of your guests. Tiered cakes should be enough to serve all your guests, three tiers should serve up to 100 guests and a five-tier cake will serve 200-plus guests.

Most cakes will be the centerpiece for the wedding reception so you really want it to stand out in a big room, but what if the cake looks small? A nice little presentation trick that can make your cake look bigger is, instead of stacking your layers, use columns and bridges to add height to your cake and give it that lift it needs.

Finding the right wedding cake maker for you

Ask your friends or family if they know anyone. Scan the social networks, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are filled with exceptional wedding cake bakers and designers. Another option is look on Google, search terms like “wedding cake bakery in my area” and see what comes up. Check out their portfolio to get a feel for their signature style. Make sure you choose a wedding cake designer that specialises in the type of cake you want, e.g. elegant, contemporary, rustic or novelty.

Before you get attached to a particular bakery or designer, make sure that their prices are compatible with your budget and headcount.

Once you’ve found a potential baker that ticks all the boxes go ahead and place your booking with them, a good baker will listen, respect and communicate with you. They are the specialists, you might have to make some compromises but all in all working together you’ll both make your dream wedding cake come to life.

Choose your flavors

Now comes the best part – cake tasting!

Today the possibilities are endless of cake flavors, go as wild and as crazy as you’d like. Don’t let friends and family talk you into choosing the cake flavors they like, rather than the ones you want.

You could choose to go traditional of fruit or vanilla sponge or go with something a bit more daring. Popular flavors include light lemon and elderflower, raspberry and white chocolate, coconut, lime and tarragon.

Something to consider is, You may want to have one layer or a small additional cake made for guests with food allergies, just to be on the safe side.

Displaying the cake

Don’t forget to think about the cake’s display. What will the table look like? Where is the best place to display the cake? Will the table be decorated with flower petals or gems to match the cake?

If your wedding reception is taking place in the evening, will you need to plan lighting for the cake. Make the cake have its own grand entrance. You can light up the table that the cake will rest on by placing a spotlight on it, adding fairy lights or any other type of lights around and on the table.

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