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Wedding Invite Wording: free templates

Wedding Invite Wording: free templates - Hoesh International Ltd

Ring: check. Date: check. Venue: check. Now what? Guests, of course. There’s no such thing as sending out your wedding invitations too early on the schedule! Whether you wish to keep it simple (hence less time consuming to prepare) or if you have dreamed for your whole life to deliver each one of the envelopes door to door, this is the time to start thinking of your invitations wording.

If you already know everything (or almost) about when, where, which outfit, how many guests, if you have taste-tested each and every local bakery in the name of the perfect cake and you have challenged every hairdresser you know to eventually go back to your well trusted one, that only means one thing: you have spent a good chunk of the last few months planning your perfect day. Now you are exhausted, we know. That’s why we have decided to take care of the little details for you. Here are four wedding invitation wording examples that you can download and print (yes, the designs are totally free!) or copy and paste just the wording on your personalised cards


1. Design 1


2. Design 2


3. Design 3


4. Design 4


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