For many brides to be, the expectations on their most awaited day can hit the ceiling. Luxury indoor venues, incessant dances and hundreds of friends and family members, everything completed by the ritual big group photo. Unfortunately, if you cannot do without, you will have to wait a bit longer for your perfect celebration. Otherwise, take your veil out of the closet…good news is coming! In the UK is now possible to hold outdoor gatherings with a limited amount of people. 

What does it mean to you? That it’s finally time to brush up the plans you had started to make on your marriage ceremony!  

As many social events, weddings have taken a hit during COVID-19. For months, the restrictions roller coaster has had a significant impact on the plans of thousands of couples. However, on 12 of April has marked what feels like a milestone for the wedding industry: you are now allowed to celebrate your marriage, surrounded by up to 15 of your beloved ones. 

Will Spring 2021 be the silver lining? Let’s find out what the new Government guidance discloseabout what you can and cannot do if you want to get married in the UK during the following months.  

From 12 April 

As mentioned before, weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are now permitted. You can invite up to 15 people to take part into your most beautiful day. It is important to remember that the easing of the restrictions doesn’t translate with “complete freedom”. Hereby, it is warmly recommended to choose a COVID-19 secure venue, which needs to be currently authorized to host gatherings.  

Your location of choice must be an outdoor venue, where you are allowed to enjoy a lovely sit-down meal with your select group of much-loved ones. Unfortunately, not every kind of outdoor space classifies as your suitable wedding venue. For instance, such receptions must not take place in private gardens or public outdoor spaces. 

From 17 May 

If the 15-people selection is too hard to make, you might decide to postpone your ceremony to after 17 May. In any case, even though the predicted date to weddings with up to 30 people has been released, the guideline has not been confirmed by the Government.  

As stated on the Government website, the decision to proceed with the easing of any measure will be guided by data not dates and the four tests set out in the roadmap. A week’s notice will be provided before any step is taken. 

From 21 June 

21st June, save the date! The Government aim is to remove the full range of COVID-19 restrictions applicable to social events. Still, wait for the official communication before sending your wedding invitations to your friends and family. The decision will be taken as outcome of the Scientific Events Research Programme. 

 Where can I celebrate my ceremony? 

Wedding or civil partnership ceremonies can be held in licensed venues that are not expressly required to close under current regulations, in force to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In any case, the allowed venues must be provided with outdoor spaces. The Government list of licensed venues can include Churches, chapels and any Places of Worship - registered for marriage solemnisation - community centres or town halls, any licensed building that has been registered as wedding venues. 

When possible, you are also advised to prefer the use of disposable amenities. So why not getting one of Hoesh travel storage boxes or carrier bags to bring everything you need from home? Check the full range of fully customizable products on the website and place your order now to get it in time for your big day! We would love to see a bit of “normality” coming back so feel free to tag us on your wedding pictures and share your most beautiful day with our community! You can find us on Instagram @hoesh_international_ltd. 

Good luck, have fun and stay safe!

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