The Ultimate Wedding Budget Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Budget Checklist - Hoesh International Ltd

After months of uncertainty and the hope to see Covid restrictions easing on the horizon, you may have done most of the panning for your summer wedding. If you know what you want but have no clear view on the expenses, it’s probably time for you to set up a budget.

Every aspect of your big day needs proper scheduling, and with that a good financial cap is what will help you stay away from any unwanted outlays. In such a fast paced era in terms of concessions and limitations, the need to review you plans is around the corner. With that, the unforeseen costs.


Set up your budget by following our simple priorities guideline. 


  • Wedding rings insurance

Your engagement and wedding rings are more likely to be the most precious and emotionally charged pieces of jewellery you will ever own. What about passing it to your next family generation?

You think that they will belong to you for ever but they are still such small items that you can easily loose. Better to batten down the hatches and get an insurance which should usually cover up to £1,500.


  • Wedding insurance

If you are thinking of a big fat wedding celebration with loads of decorations, food, guests, it’s probably worth thinking about getting a wedding insurance.

Especially in current times, the fear of cancellations can feel like a real threat. Unfortunately though, you will have to make sure that the insurance of your choice covers Covid-19 related motivations.


  • Wedding gown and suit

The dress you are going to wear at your wedding, you could probably picture it since you were in middle school. Now that your big day is approaching you need to put a price on your dreams. It would also help to set a budget on your partner’s clothes as well so that you have a better idea on the final costs.

Wedding dresses can satisfy any pocket with such a wide range, finishes, sizes and so on. Visit your local bridal boutique if you want to start from the most affordable solution: you won’t be disappointed! Plus, you will support small businesses so give it a go.


  • Wedding accessories and decorations

From the nameplates to the centrepiece, the flower girls tiaras and the ring box for the ceremony, the hangers for the dressing room and the funny photo props: details make the difference!

Do not underestimate the little things and avoid dragging their planning to the last minute. The risk would be forgetting about the venue decorations, and we don’t want that. Get your necessity kits in time for a better sleep until your wedding day arrives.

Hoesh International offers a variety of Bride and Groom personalised packages that save you plenty of time on choosing what to or not to get. You can opt for a basic kit of covers for your dress, your suit or your bridesmaids and best men’s ones, or to add a storage box and some bespoke hangers. All the items can be embellished with your name, logo or with your wedding date.


  • Venue, catering and cake

Have you ever wondered how far in advance should you book your wedding venue, catering and cake? Most of the time, the answer depends on the notice that your company/location of choice requires.

A good move, though, is to start thinking about placing a deposit at least one year in advance. It might seem too early but keep into count that the unpredictable can always happen, and you could potentially find yourself obliged redact your schemes.

Set your budget and draft a list of venues and caterings you can afford. Ask bakeries for cakes taste tests and let the fun part begin!

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